The Best Real Estate Website Templates

You have propably spent a lot of time looking for the best real estate website templates to get your business online. There are many options; stand alone WordPress themes, complete systems that cost hundreds of dollars a month, Weebly, even hiring a designer to build the perfect site. All of these options will do the job, but not the BEST job. For Baltimore Wholesale Property, the best real estate website platform is Investor Carrot.

The website you are on right now, Baltimore Wholesale Property, is our main company website and generates most of our cash buyer leads. We also use it as a blog platform. Being able to create and publish content that people want to see and that is helpful really drives traffic to the website.

SEO & Lead Generation

Within the first month of launching this website, almost 200 quality leads were generated during the first month. This was done simply by tweaking some of the SEO settings within the pages and posting a few Craigslist ads. Investor Carrot makes it very easy to build pages that rank well in Google. They have an entire team working on SEO features all the time.

Additional Sites

The Investor Carrot platform makes it easy to launch additional websites. Since Baltimore Wholesale Property launched; Sell Your House To Dan and Baltimore Lease to Own have gone live. Both generate leads every day.

The Investor Carrot Platform is Feature Packed!

The platform integrates well with other services like Mailchimp for my email lists. Complete integration means tasks become automated, which saves a lot of time. It also integrates well with Google Analytics and many other services. If you have questions or want to chat about the platform? Please find us on Facebook!  Or contact us through this website.

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