Meet Our Team


Daniel DiGiacomo
Daniel DiGiacomo, Owner

Daniel DiGiacomo, a regionally recognized real estate investor, has been involved in over 250 real estate transactions in the Baltimore area, allowing him to have a thorough understanding of the market and its movements. Daniel made his first investment in real estate at 18 years old and completed his first rehab at age 21. The success of Baltimore Wholesale Property and Daniel’s other companies is based in part his continuing curiosity and passion for real estate of all kinds; houses, apartment buildings, commercial buildings, and raw land. As an active wholesaler, rehabber, and landlord; Daniel knows what it takes to make a transaction benefit everyone involved. Daniel has bought and sold real estate in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Massachusetts, Florida and Arizona.

Kevin Davis
Kevin Davis, Acquisitions Manager

When he is not spending time with his family or watching the Baltimore Ravens play, the best place to find Kevin Davis is on the phone or at a property negotiating great real estate deals for himself and other investors. Having spent time in different industries over the past 10 years as a negotiator, some of the best deals have come from hard negotiating of price, terms and all the little bonuses that we pass on to our investors. Whether it is seller financing, low prices, or just a package deal with some excellent tenants, he’s fighting hard to find the best deals possible. He focuses on guiding sellers through the entire process; from contract signing to closing. Kevin has been able to successfully help many people sell their properties and looks forward to helping you.


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