Client Reviews

We have worked with many great people over the years. Here is what just a few have had to say about Baltimore Wholesale Property.

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Dan and his team are 1st class real estate investors that offer excellent deals at wholesale prices!

Marcel Umphery

I bought a house from Daniel DiGiacomo’s and he was just great to work with! He’s very knowledgeable and experienced! He’s legit! 5 Stars!

Lawrence Kolitas

Love working and networking with Baltimore Wholesale Property. A great resource with a wealth of knowledge.

Matthew Mittleman

Great page! I need to work on mine ASAP!! Thanks again for the recommendation of oncarrot.

Andre Webb

Daniel is one of these guys who live and breathe real estate. I had my houses under contract in week, 5 days, multiple offers in 2 days, but Daniel……1 hour!!!! For the price I asked for and closing only a few days later!!!! Great job my friend, smooth transaction, firm handshake. Can’t wait to do business again!!! (Already recommended you to few people.) Great job!!!!

David Braun

I have successfully JV’d on a wholesale deal with Daniel. He brought on a buyer within a day and everything went very smoothly through to closing on the property. I have another deal waiting to close also. I would recommend Daniel to anyone who wants to buy or sell real estate. Thanks Daniel

Russell Clay

Daniel and his team add tremendous value to everyone that gets the pleasure of doing business with them.

Greg Harris

Daniel helped my husband and I receive multiple offers for a property we owned in Baltimore in literally 3 days after trying to move it ourselves for months. I have to say he is very efficient and very professional. Once he found a buyer it closed in one week. Definitely a top professional to work with.

Pretty P Collins

Daniel the CEO and Baltimore wholesale property is really to me one of the best places to find wholesale and below market value properties in the Baltimore Maryland area. In my case Daniel helped me find a great rental portfolio property closing and everything went smooth and now we are waiting for the tenants to renew their lease and really to start smiling to the bank.

Don Simon Okeke

I live in Houston and wanted to sell one of my properties in Baltimore to free up some cash for another project that I was working on. I contacted Daniel and within three weeks my house was sold. The process would have been quicker if I had used the title company he suggested, next time I will. Working with Daniel was an honor and the excellence that he exemplified is unparalleled in the industry. Thank you.

Kwan Johnson

Wonderful guys and full of real estate knowledge. These are the “go-to” guys in the industry and I would recommend anyone not to hesitate to contact them for all their real estate needs!

Jason Munnerlyn

Daniel and his team really know their stuff! Efficient, connected, high returning properties every time. If you haven’t subscribed to their mailing list, don’t waste any more time!

John Torres

After my initial meeting with Daniel DiGiacomo, I knew right away that this was the guy and company that I wanted to do business with. Daniel was very professional and stayed engaged throughout the entire process. He was polite, responsive, and completely straight forward from start to finish and made what we believed to be a complicated process, an absolute breeze. I would highly recommend Daniel and his team to anyone either looking for property, or trying to get rid of property. Kudos to Daniel and his entire team!!!

Ronald D. Miskell

I’m a full time real estate investor and real estate broker in West Palm Beach, Florida. Daniel is known across the country for a good work ethic and real estate knowledge. I reached out to Daniel this week for expertise and assistance with something related to my real estate business. Despite how busy and successful he is he got back to me FAST. I can tell right away that he’s someone I’d like to do business with. I was born in Baltimore, Maryland and lived their until 2005 before moving to West Palm Beach, Florida. I plan to refer him business that comes my way from my sphere of influence back in Baltimore.

Joe Sauter

Daniel has provided a high level of professionalism. Paired with a depth of real estate knowledge and experience, he can help you as he has helped me acquire your next rehab or turnkey investment in Maryland.

Erick Garske

Daniel DiGiacomo’s consistent striving to learn, educate, and share knowledge with investors is outstanding! His commitment to the communities where he invests makes them all stronger for his leadership. His staff are also very driven and helpful to all inquiries. Thanks for being exemplary investors!

Becky Hammer

You won’t meet anyone more knowledgeable than Daniel when it comes to real estate. He will educate you about the market and make you rich! Call him, you won’t regret it.

Serge Sokolov

Baltimore Wholesale Property is the best real estate company ever encountered. Their professionalism is second to none!

Darien Treadwell

Awesome team Daniel. Always putting Baltimore on the map and setting the standards for fellow investors. Great to know you.

Marquida Gaskins

The way I do business is not only with the company but the one who runs that company. Daniel DiGiacomo not only strives to do better on the daily but shows others how powerful it can be to strive to be better daily and that reflects upon his company. He shows what it means to not only talk the talk but walk it and that speaks volumes. Five stars and hats off to Daniel and everybody he crosses paths with.

Efren Flores

I received prompt service from Daniel at Baltimore Wholesale Property. Thank you!

Judy Sussan

In a world of fakes, this guy is legit! I recomend him for his knowledge and experience.

David O'Bryan
Daniel got me reading books on real estate. He posts helpful tips on Facebook on how to run a the operation right.
Gwen Duncan

I recently had the pleasure of selling one of my investment properties to Daniel DiGiacomo. This was my first time doing this type of transaction on my own and Daniel was very helpful during the entire process. I will continue to do business with Baltimore Wholesale Property.

Erroll George

Dan, you always have such great books posted. Keep crushing it!

Matt Whitney

Strategic, creative, out of the box thinker and more. All of the qualities needed for a successful investment. Daniel, Thank you for sharing your knowledge!!!

Gino Victoria

Good guy, great deals. I highly recommended. If you’re looking for wholesale deals, this in the company to go with!!!

Oscar Berlanga

I bought a wholesale deal from Daniel DiGiacomo and flipped it for a quick profit. The whole transaction and process was straightforward, Daniel communicated effectively, and it was a win-win for all parties involved. I look forward to doing more business with Baltimore Wholesale Property!

Daniel Lucas

If you are looking for great properties at a great prices without all the hassle, Daniel is your guy for the job!!! You won’t be disappointed!!!

Kenny Brown

Daniel was a gem to work with. Always responsive, patient and professional. He is definitely my “go to guy” when my clients are looking for property in Baltimore. Will certainly work with him again in the near future.

Kia Smith

Daniel DiGiacomo is very helpful, easy to get along with and has a lot of knowledge and material to share about real estate. You just have to have the time, pay attention and follow through.

Martel Kess Morris

Daniel recently helped me with my real estate website. It was such a great pleasure working with him. He communicated well and kept me updated throughout the entire process. He provided an excellent service and is very knowledgeable in his field. Daniel is very professional, honest and trustworthy. Thanks, Daniel for helping me take my real estate business to the next level.

Anaiq Marshall

On my first deal I met and talked to Daniel. He found a buyer right away. I’d love to do more business with him in the future. Like he told me, “a dollar is better than no dollar.”

Travon Taylor

Get your deals done with Daniel. Sign up and he’ll keep you updated with weekly deals.

Aaron Blucker

Daniel helps investors with great opportunities and believes that team work makes the dream work. Great to work with!!!

Emanuel Dukes

If you’re in the real estate game and you haven’t come across Daniel Digiacomo, chances are you’re missing out on some serious investments.Throughout the entire process he remained professional and precise. I can’t wait for an opportunity to use his services again. Both me and my buyers have been very happy with what we’ve gotten from Daniel.

Tariq Touré

Daniel goes above and beyond. I will definately do business with him in the future!

Aurelia Peart

Daniel has always been a familiar face in the real estate community.

Ryan Washington

I have done business with Daniel. He’s super professional, super helpful AND ethical. I look forward to doing more business together.

Frantzces Lys

The owner, Dan, is great and always helpful. I would refer him to anyone.

Tawanda Lum

I’ve known Daniel DiGiacomo for a couple years and he has continued to prove that he is resourceful, motivated and creative. More importantly, he is focused on helping others and getting results. He has a proven track record to show he is the real deal. If you are in the real estate industry in anyway, Daniel DiGiacomo is someone you want to know and work with, period!

Melissa DiCampli

Daniel is a positive guy, great to work with, and it’s important to him that all investors and transactions result in a win-win!

Shayna Sterrett

Daniel DiGiacomo gets the job done everytime. He communicates well and does what he says he’s going to do. I would definitely work with him again on more deals and would refer a buyer or seller to him. You rock, man!!!!

Jerome Howard

Hello, my name is David Lavine. I reached out to Dan not much long ago. He was very forthcoming and guided me to valuable information. He is a very down to earth guy and responds in a timely fashion despite being so busy with business. When in doubt give him a call or shoot him a message. You won’t be disappointed!

David Lavine

A no-nonsense approach gets the job done every time! Need fantastic real estate investments? LOOK NO FURTHER, you will find them here! Keep up the great work Daniel!!

Iva Singh

I love working with Daniel because he is an upstanding individual. Unlike other business owners he has a true desire to help other people succeed. We are looking forward to many successful transactions together moving forward.

Nick Collins

Daniel is one of the best guys I have ever done business with. He acted immediately and the process was smooth and fast.

Alexis Calderon

Daniel is one person that I look up to in real estate. He has accomplished so much in so little time. Look no further if you’re looking for your next investment opportunity.

Timothy Rhodes

Daniel is an expert real estate investor and entrepreneur, willing to help others with investing guidance and honest advice. He’s an excellent person to know and work with in any area of real estate investing.

Brian O’Reilly

My name is Sean Wrench. I run a company called Alive Investments here in Baltimore. We have a very aggressive approach to investing here in Baltimore and to be very honest a major key to our success has been working with Dan DiGiacomo at Baltimore Wholesale Property. We’ve worked with a number of Wholesalers since we’ve been in Baltimore. Dan is the best by far. In fact we love working with Dan so much we don’t really work with anyone else. Dan has great properties, a large selection and he’s fair. I’d really recommend working with him.

Sean Wrench

I am so proud to say I brought my 1st property through them it was a excellent experience. I will buy more from him in the future.

Ryan Jackson

If you are looking for great investment properties at a great prices without all the hassles and headaches, Daniel is your guy for the job!!!

Brittney Cash

Daniel and his team are very knowledgable and helpful. As an investor, he has provided me with information that will be valuable in the future. His property listings are comprehensive and I am looking forward to doing business with him in the future.

Stephanie Lemonakis

I’ve been working with Dan and his group for over a year now and I really appreciate the opportunity to grow with his team. Dan really knows Baltimore like the back of his hand and puts us in the best projects for our budget. I’m looking forward to the year ahead. Thanks guys.

Adam Hale

Daniel is on Mount Rushmore, as it relates to real estate investing. He continues to set the bar, pushing himself and others to exceed their daily and lifelong goals. Daniel continues to be one of the premier real estate investors in the Baltimore Area. In addition to this, Daniel shares his time and information in order to assist in the business.

Rashad Mills

Daniel is very knowledgeable and knows the business very well. He is a very helpful and honest leader. He is a person that is willing to help every person in any type of way, especially in the real estate industry. Thanks!

Santos Castillo

I was so discouraged from real estate investing UNTIL I saw a property that Daniel had listed on his website. I was head over heels for it and had to have it!! After I bought it, I had a ‘proposed appraisal’ done and it came back at 5x’s the amount that I paid for the property after only fixing a few things with an eight week turnaround time!! Kevin Davis was also extremely instrumental in this deal going so smoothly. Kevin was so knowledgeable of the ins and outs of the investing business and is a true asset to this company. These gentlemen have rebirthed a passion in me to continue to rehab and invest in these gems. I will, going FORWARD, only invest with these businessmen. They made this experience pain free with their knowledge and integrity during this transaction and I look forward to doing more investing/rehabs in the very near future!!

Chelly Curtis

If you’re thinking about investing in real estate in the Baltimore area or if you have questions about wholesaling it’s going to be hard to find someone more knowledgeable or experienced then the team over at Baltimore Wholesale Property! Expect to get the best advice when it comes to your next real estate investment!

Matthew Kinard

My name is Everson, owner of Priority Property Solutions LLC. Daniel knows his stuff! Not only does he have more deals than buyers in Baltimore City, he also enjoys helping others get where they want to get in real estate! We have done deals together and can’t wait to do more in the near future! Stand up guy and no need to go anywhere else for Baltimore City properties!

Everson Travers Jr

My husband, Kevin Davis, works closely with Daniel, the principal of this company, on many properties. I guarantee Kevin always has his best foot forward and keeps his integrity and good morals as a priority in any deal he is involved with and will not accept anything less.They are both very well rounded with valuable information and experience, which makes this team very dynamic. I trust Daniel and his team will not disappoint you in doing all that they can to help and/or provide excellency in every deal. If you’re interested in doing business or simply learning more of the real estate world, I strongly encourage reaching out to the Baltimore Wholesale Property team. Keep up the good work guys!

Evani Perez-Davis

Daniel communicated very well and was very transparent. Great guy!

Eddie Colson