Wholesale Homes In Baltimore: A Solid Investment In 2019

5 Reasons That 2019 Will Be A Great Year For Investing In Property In Baltimore

Ask any hedge fund manager on Wall Street or any economist in the country…

“Where’s the best place to put my money in 2019?”

They might give you an answer, but it won’t be a confident one.  Uncertainty over international trade deals and concerns over a slowing global economy have slammed the brakes on the financial markets’ 2018 gains, and increasing volatility is likely to send many running for the exits.

As investors are looking for new places to put their money in the new year, real estate investment properties will be an obvious contender.

And for those who want to avoid volatility and uncertainty in national markets, wholesale homes should be high on the list.

Below are the top five reasons why wholesale homes in Baltimore will be one of the best investments for anxious investors in 2019…

1. Affordable Entry For Investors

The Baltimore metro area is one of the wealthiest regions in the country, yet investment properties and wholesale homes can be found at prices that even first-time investors can afford.  According to Trulia, the median sales price for homes in Baltimore was $219,000 over the last six months of 2018.  Additionally, Zillow lists the median home value in Baltimore at $118,000, a 25.6% increase over the past year with a projected 13.2% increase in 2019.

Wholesale homes in Baltimore can be found at prices even lower (we have some at nearly 50% BELOW market value!!), and whether investors prefer to fix-and-flip or make passive rental income – they don’t have to break the bank to enter into the market.

2. Working Class Renters Are Here To Stay

Baltimore has always been a working class city, and it’s a working class city that rents.  Nationally, around 30% of the population rents.  In Baltimore, however, that number is 40%.    With a median rent per month of $1350, it’s easy to see how a wholesale home bought in Baltimore at 30% – 50% below-market value can easily and quickly translate into passive rental income.  These are long-term renters who will bolster Baltimore’s rental property market far beyond 2019!

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3.  Employment Numbers Are Increasing Due To Influx Of New Jobs

Although Amazon picked Northern Virginia over Maryland for their new headquarters, the online shipping giant has established several new fulfillment centers in Baltimore over the past few years.  Not to mention Tradepoint Atlantic, a 3,100 acre industrial development project that signifies a $200+ million economic investment in Baltimore’s harbor.  The city’s beneficial geography and strategic location on the East Coast mean that jobs will literally be flooding into Baltimore for the next several years and more.

2019 presents the perfect opportunity and timing for investors to take advantage of the myriad of wholesale real estate deals and available investment properties in Baltimore.  Savvy investors can develop their portfolios while industry-leaders are developing the projects that will guarantee a steady supply of renters and buyers regardless of which way the global and national markets turn.

4. City and State Leaders Are Investing

At least 18 different Baltimore neighborhoods have been targeted for infrastructure development and revitalization projects over the next several years, and government funding is already being directed towards many of these projects.  Apart from standard economic development initiatives, city and state leaders are making dollars available to improve the city’s public transit and utility services.  Leaders are also seeking to revitalize several areas of Baltimore by tearing down old and abandoned buildings and offering generous incentives and tax breaks for new construction.

NOW is the PERFECT time to lock-in an investment in one (or several!) of these neighborhoods with a wholesale home or below-market investment property!


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Whether you’re a seasoned investor looking to generate solid return this year or you’re a first-timer who is wondering how to get started in real estate investing, Baltimore is primed to be a hot-spot for wholesale home deals in 2019 and many years to come.  An affordable and accessible market paired with a strong base of renters is the sweet-spot for anyone looking to buy an investment property.  Throw in the substantial economic investment that’s occurring, and it’s clear why every investor should be looking at wholesale homes in Baltimore in the new year.

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